Spark the Conversation brings you the latest news while letting you jam to R&B and Old School music. Every third Monday of the month Spark the Conversation hosts Lift Him Up Mondays which bring you the best gospel.

April 3, 2024

The “Wake of UofM” radio show is a dynamic program covering sports, local news, entertainment, and music. Hosted by a team of enthusiastic student personalities, the show delivers up-to-date information on University of Memphis sports teams, as well as local news, current events, and community updates. Their special take on celebrity news keeps the audience […]

February 25, 2024

Welcome to “Inside Then Out: A Podcast for Personal Growth and Healing”! I’m Lillian Cloyd, your host, on a mission to guide you through the steps of self-discovery and mental wellness. Join me as we explore the depths of our inner selves and empower each other to thrive in the world around us. Let’s grow […]

February 20, 2024

What’s up world it’s me, BJ Gibbs from the 501 making waves in the 901 and I present to you a show I like to call. The Panoramic Podcast. I call it this simply because ‘panoramic’ by definition is a wide aspect of views. And that’s all my show is about. I’m here to give […]

February 20, 2024

  The LoverGirl Hour is an R&B talk radio show hosted by Paige Hatalyn. This is your hour and a half OF R&B heaven! I share my opinions on Music, ask fun questions like “This or That,” and bring super fun guests ALONG FOR THE RIDE! Join me every Friday for some amazing music & […]

  EAT YOUR MAKEUP is your one stop shop for everything classy, trashy and in between! Film critic Jake Mars offers his unfiltered thoughts on various films, from beloved classics to obscure nasties and ones that are just plain weird! Come one, come all, the show is about to begin! Every Wednesday at 7:30 PM

February 20, 2024

Hey y’all it’s Ya girl A. Moneè, the host of the Connect. A space where we talk about everything and nothing at all! We will discuss things like: the realities of life in your twenties, controversial and trending social media topics, self-care, dating etc. The connect will give you information you didn’t know you were […]

February 20, 2024

Tea Talk is all about the pop culture of the world. Tune in Thursday at 4 p.m. to hear all your favorite music and catch up with all the pop culture moments that took place with Niecey and Summer          

February 20, 2024

My name is Taylor Mullins and I host Big Win Energy on The ROAR Mondays 11-11:30. The show is music-intensive and is meant to put listeners in a good mood and promote positive, upbeat, and fun vibes to break out of that college burn-out funk.                  

February 20, 2024

The Basement Hour is hosted by Tom Lamm and Devin Jermaine, two guys who just love music. With their love to discover and listen to a variety of music, any genre is possible on the show. Whether it’s Rock, R&B, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Folk, or Experimental, they will have something new to offer each week. […]

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